The Way a Diet Drops a Safe Weight Without Harming Health The Way a Diet Drops a Safe Weight Without Harming Health

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It's legal to start dieting if you want to have an ideal body weight. However, you must be smart to make a strategy so that a healthy diet plan runs smoothly without obstacles. Instead of losing weight, the numbers on the scale will actually jump dramatically if the strategy is wrong. The wrong way to diet can also endanger the body's health, you know! So, how do you lose healthy weight?

Diet is not just to lose weight
Diet is often interpreted as an effort to lose weight by reducing food portions and limiting the type of food. That's why many who think the diet only needs to be lived by obese people who want to be thin. In fact, the notion of a diet like this is not right.

The diet in the real sense is not merely aimed at losing weight. "Diet" is an English absorption word which literally means "commonly eaten food". The word "diet" itself is rooted in Ancient Greek which means "way of life".

Thus, it can be interpreted the original meaning of a diet is a eating habit that becomes a lifestyle. So if you are used to eating sweet foods, you could say you are on a high-sugar diet. For those of you who are accustomed to eating lots of fruits and vegetables, you are on a high-fiber diet.

Diet in its pure sense can also be interpreted as a balanced nutritious diet to achieve many different goals, depending on each individual. Some dieters do indeed to lose weight, increase weight, maintain health, restore health after illness, or manage certain health conditions.

Seeing the definition of a diet that is so wide and varied, then now we can straighten out the old notion that a diet can only be lived by obese people. Everyone from all walks of life and ages, men, women, babies, children, adolescents, adults, to the elderly may diet. It's just that you need to know how to have a healthy diet.

A healthy and balanced diet helps every organ work more efficiently. If the nutrients in the body are not adequately fulfilled, the body's metabolism will decrease so that you become more easily sick and experience drastic changes in body weight.

Rules for a healthy diet to lose weight
If your main goal is indeed to lose weight, there are several things that must be considered before starting a diet plan. Relax, the diet to cut weight is not as difficult as you imagine, how come!

If you apply the healthy rules below, not only the ideal weight you can get. In the long run, a healthy diet will help you avoid various chronic diseases.

1. Choose the right food
nutrition myths
If you have been accustomed to eating fatty, oily, salty, or sweet foods, you should start slowly changing your diet with healthier ones. Yes! Choosing the right type of food plays an important role in ensuring the success of your diet.

Food choices that can support your healthy diet plan include fresh vegetables and fruits, lean red and white meat, fish, nuts and seeds, low-fat milk and dairy products, and resistant foods rich in starch.

You can do this healthy diet by avoiding fatty foods and high sugar content. Also, avoid packaging and fried foods because such foods will only thwart your healthy diet.

2. Arrange portions

Portion of one meal (source: 2014 Balanced Nutrition Guidelines)
All food is still needed by the body, you just have to arrange the portions well. A healthy diet does not mean you have to cut your portion to a minimum. The key is that you have to eat according to your daily calorie needs. Remember, keeping calorie intake remains important so that all body functions can continue to run optimally.

How do you calculate your daily calorie needs while on a diet? Actually there are no definite rules regarding the calculation. The total calorie needs of each person is different. But if you're planning to lose weight, ideally you only need to reduce 500 calories every day. With this reduction, you can lose 0.5-1 kg of body weight per week.

To apply a healthy diet, always remember that you must fulfill all the nutrients your body needs in one meal. Make sure there are sources of carbohydrates (staple foods), protein dishes (animal or vegetable), healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins and minerals from vegetable dishes. Don't forget to slip one bowl of fruit as a snack between meals.

Always pay attention to your meal portions. Ideally, divide your plate into 4 parts. A quarter for your meat or protein source, another quarter for carbohydrates, and the last two quarters for green and colorful vegetables. Remember, avoid heavy fatty foods or high-sugar foods at dinner so that your weight remains well controlled.

More details You can adjust it to the principle of balanced nutrition, with reference to the picture above. If you are still having difficulties, you should consult further with a trusted nutritionist.

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